Exclusive Alien Worlds Mining Event

We’re pleased to announce an exclusive mining event on JR’s LANDs. In order to mine a Cute Crushie NFT, mine at the top of the hour on any of their 190+ lands.

WHEN: September 19th to September 25th, 2022

WHAT: www.AlienWorlds.io

HOW: Mine at the top of the hour for a chance to win a Cute Crushie NFT. You must mine on JRs Lands — Here’s a huge list of locations in Alien Worlds for you to try out!

(We’ve included these locations, in case you want to skip looking for a land and just mine right away:)

Introducing Crushie Dash: Events, Leaderboard and More

The last few months have been extremely busy here but we’ve managed to accomplish a number of important steps in our vision for the Crushie Universe. The first of which is the new dashboard, Crushie Dash (Dash.CuteCrushies.com).

The dashboard accomplishes a number of goals.

First, you can check the status of the Cute Crushies blockchain game. If we have an outtage, say, rewards don’t work for some reason, you can check on that on the Dash webpage.

You can also post a bug report so we can get right to fixing it. Finally, it enables us to build an external dApp hub that can utilize Cute Crushies and other fixtures for the Wax community.

About a month ago we built the Atomic Drop Maker and it didn’t wholly fit in with what we were doing, but sort of. It gave the community a much-needed tool for making NFT airdrops using the Atomic Assets smart contract. While it may not seem significant, it’s what makes Wax fun to use and easy to learn for developers and gamers alike: helpful tools, advice and assistance, great on-boarding experiences into blockchain games and playvesting.

After all, it’s not just a lack of ETH gas fees that make the Wax ecosystem great, it’s friendly, helpful people.

In that spirit, Atomic Drop Maker tries to bring back that spirit of help and excitement that got so many of us started in NFTs and blockchain (wow, some of us are really newcomers here!).


So back to what this announcement is really about:

The Crushie Dash is a hub to host various new dApps around the community, as well as a convenient hub for Cute Crushies activities. It currently includes a Leaderboard, Events & Festivals and more (much more in time).

We have some interesting plans for it that are almost there. In the meantime, some features are not enabled until Update 1 . Be sure to check it out here: Dash.CuteCrushies.com

–Oh, and one last thing before you go. We’ve released a minor map update to Early Game: You can now see other players on the map and the layout matches what you will likely see in Update 1 for World 1, Zone 1, Locale 1.

We’re on Session, too!

Yay! We are now on Session, an alternative communications channel you can use to stay in touch with us. Don’t worry we’ll continue on our usual channels @Discord and @Telegram. This will be yet another great way to get to know the latest about Cute Crushies and chat with other players like you.

Session is like Telegram except it gives you private keys and has some more security to prevent censorship.

The Session app is new territory for us but it looks like the wave of the future. We’re trying to stay ahead of the curve with regard to crypto communications and want this channel open to everyone should they have any issues reaching us and having fun with the whole Crushies community on Telegram and Discord.

To use Session, you’ll need to download the app here: https://getsession.org/download

To join us on Session you’ll paste in the Session ID and talk with us directly or with the group.

Our Session ID is: 050fccc4d66dc112d52fb1f1040cb52689f96fe1be39edaa9b79188f823e2c3012


The Cute Crushies team is looking to grow! If you are a programmer with a background in:

  • Javascript
  • Postgres
  • Express / Axios
  • Web optimization
  • Game development
  • Working with APIs
  • Working with Blockchains

— Please reach out to us via Telegram, Discord or email. We have a big vision for the future of Cute Crushies that we’re developing and you could be a part of it!

Discord: https://discord.gg/sxACu73F34

Telegram: https://t.me/CuteCrushiesOfficial

Email: cutecrushies [ @ ] gmail [ . ] com

How to Exchange DUST for Wax on Alcor.Exchange

Click this image to see the steps in LARGE VIEW.

Exchanging DUST for Wax and many other cryptocurrencies on Alcor.Exchange is a little confusing at first. Here’s a direct link to the exchange: https://wax.alcor.exchange

Step 1 – Go to Alcor.Exchange

Step 2 – Switch to the Wax Mainnet (Upper Right Corner of website)

Step 3 – Login with Your Wax ID

Step 4 – Click ‘Swap’

Step 5 – Select the pairs you would like to swap – Wax to Dust, or Dust to Wax. In this case, we want to sell Dust to get Wax. So the top cryptocurrency should say Dust and the bottom one should say Wax.

Step 6 – Type in how much Dust you would like to swap for Wax. You can also click the balance shown in the upper corner of this module, and it will automatically populate your entire balance for swapping for Wax.

Step 7 – Once you see how much Wax you will get back, click Swap. Your new balances will be updated shortly.

If this tutorial has been helpful, please share it on Twitter or Telegram. If you have any other questions or are still stuck, give us a holler in our official Telegram group.

Happy swapping!

Extended Payment Choices: Options Coming

Here at CuteCrushies.com, we will be rolling out new payment options for gamers to more easily acquire Creatures, Vehicles and Houses.

If you don’t have the ability to buy Wax, we believe you should have some options no matter where in the world you’re located.

If you would like to pay in any of the following ways, simply contact us via Telegram group and tell us what you would like to purchase in the following cryptocurrencies:

Wax Network:

  • NEFTY (Nefties)
  • TLM (Trillium)
  • LEEF
  • SNAKOIL (Nova Rally)
  • SHELL (Temporary Basis)

More Networks:

  • BAN (Banano)
  • BCH (Bitcoin Cash)
  • TRX (Tron)
  • XPR (Proton)
  • XLM (Stellar)
  • XMR (Monero)
  • MANA
  • AXS (Axie Infinity)
  • GALA (Gala Games)
  • BTC (Bitcoin)
  • ETH (Ethereum)
  • XRP (Ripple)
  • KSM (Kusama)
  • MATIC (Polygon)
  • ADA (Polkadot)
  • LTC (Litecoin)
  • CKB (Nervos)
  • SOL (Solana)
  • CELO
  • EOS
  • USDT
  • DAI
  • BAT

If we notice a large number of purchases made with any of the above cryptocurrencies, we may consider including it in a future Shop section for further convenience and swiftness.

Any questions, feel free to ask in the Telegram group here: https://t.me/CuteCrushiesOfficial

Cute Crushies Update: Houses and What’s in Store

Houses have always been a key part of our vision for Cute Crushies. Crushies can drive around but they also need a place to nap, right?

Click here to see the debut Houses drop on Atomic Hub: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/80802+80803+80805

Introducing the Burrow House, Tree Stump House and The Tree House. Each one is a delightful, cozy place for your Crushies to return to after adventuring.

But what will Houses do?

Utility in the Early Game:
Limited and/or To Be Announced. Houses are NOT required for participation in Early Game.

  • Dream Bits: Every week House owners have a chance of receiving a Dream Bit / Dream Bits. Dream Bits are the result of Crushies napping. You can blend Dream Bits into Dream Bubbles. Later, a new Creature Type will be introduced that can be blended using Dream Bubbles. Note: These NFT rewards may be adjusted upward or downward in the future.

Utility in the Blockchain Game:
After an adventure, Crushies will need to nap. If they have a House all their own, they will have reduced cooldown and so will be able to go adventuring sooner. Any Crushies that don’t have their own place will stay in the Crushie Forest (which has a standard cooldown time).

  • Nap time reduction: After an adventure, Crushies will need to nap. If they sleep in a House, they will have a reduced cooldown, and so will be able to go adventuring sooner. Of course, any Crushies that don’t have room in a House will stay in the Crushie Forest and nap the standard amount of time.
  • Rentable: If there is spare room in your House, it can be rented out. The Crushies that stay as guests will be ready for adventures quicker, but the renter will need to pay the House owner. The House owner will be rewarded for renting out the capacity of their House.
  • Future Possibilities: We are considering a few more benefits to Houses but none are set in stone.

Stay tuned for more updates! Also, please remember: Everything introduced in this post may change at any time without notice and may not be representative of the 100% final product.

As we get closer to various checkpoints in development, we will be able to disclose more accurate information. Thank you very much for your support and understanding!

PS: A big thank you to everyone participating in Early Game on Telegram!

Early Game: About Vehicle Terrain Specialization

A little clarity about Vehicle Terrain specialization as it relates strictly to Early Game.

  1. Starship can be used for adventures on land terrain but is a space specialized vehicle. However, it is not specialized for water terrain so cannot be used for adventures there.
  2. Hovercraft can go on water and land terrain. It is specialized for water terrain.
  3. Truck can only adventure on land terrain.

What if you have mixed vehicle types in your team?

Let’s say you have a truck and a hovercraft. You set your Blue Team Flag on a water square. Your truck will not be counted, but your hovercraft will be counted.

Only vehicles suited to the terrain will be counted in the adventure.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions regarding Vehicle Terrain Types and the differences between them. To recap, some vehicles will be suited to land terrain as well as their specialty.

If you still have some questions, please ask in Telegram and we’ll do our best to clarify!

Early Game Update: Castles and Castle Keys

Castles are harder adventuring locations you can only enter if you have a Castle Key. You can get a Castle Key by adventuring (Click here to view the Map).

Additionally, there are three specific locations that will have a higher likelihood of rewarding you with a Castle Key.

Castle Keys

  • In order to enter a castle, you will need to find a Castle Key by adventuring.
  • Send the Castle Key to wax id: SummerShiloh with the # of the Castle you would like your Crushies to go adventuring in.
  • The key will be discarded after each use, just like the Blue Team Flag.
  • Your Crushie team will remain adventuring in the Castle you used the Castle Key on. If you use a Blue Team Flag to change location, you will need another Castle Key to return to that Castle again.

Castle Rewards: Rare NFTs

Castles have a higher probability of yielding rare NFTs. However, castles have a reduced chance of winning.

Early Game Update: The Map and Blue Team Flags

In order to play Early Game, you must have a Blue Team Flag, a Crushie Vehicle and at least 1 Crushie.

The Map will now be a key component of Early Game and is accessible from the menu above (Click here to view the Map).

How can I move my Crushie Team?
Every time you wish to move your team, you must send your Blue Team Flag with a memo to ‘SummerShiloh’ wax account. Your memo must include the # of the square where you wish to adventure in.

The flag will be discarded after each use, so you will need additional flags to move your team again.

When can I move my Crushie Team?
You can only move your team during the 24-hour Snapshot window. When the previous adventure ends, the 24-hour Snapshot window is open for you to move your Crushie team.

What happens when you lose an adventure?
When you lose, you continue to adventure in the same square until you win, unless you send a Blue Team Flag with another square # to move your team during the Snapshot window.

You continue to adventure in the same square until you send in another Blue Team Flag with a new square # to adventure in. (Update 9/16/21)

What happens when you win an adventure?
When you win, you are returned to square #1.

You continue to adventure in the same square until you send in another Blue Team Flag with a new square # to adventure in. (Update 9/16/21)

How do I know if I won or lost?
Currently, the only way to know if you have won or lost an adventure is by checking on wax.bloks.io and searching for your wax account.

You can check the results of adventures in the Telegram group by typing in /results yourwaxid.wam and /mydust yourwaxid.wam to see if you have any more Dust in your balance. (Update 9/16/21)

Another way to check is by going to AtomicHub.io under ‘ My Inventory’ to see if you have received any new NFTs, or Wax.Bloks.io and looking up your wax wallet. You can then view your Dust balance and any received NFTs.

What is the Snapshot window?
The window is a period of 24 hours after adventurers return.

What if I do not own the required vehicle for the square type(water, for example)?
You must have the appropriate vehicle for the square type. Trucks, hovercraft and starship can travel on land squares but only water type vehicles can travel on water squares.

Additional Information about Flags and Early Game Map

  • Only ONE Blue Team Flag is needed to move all your Crushies and Vehicles to a single location on the map.
  • Blue Team Flags are not returned and discarded after each use.
  • You do not need to send a flag if you lost an adventure, your Crushies will continue to adventure in that square #.
  • All players that do not set their team flag will remain in the starting square starting 8/1/21.
  • Yes, it is possible to remain in square #1 to passively adventure and without using any flags but you will only earn 1 Dust and no NFT rewards.

Any updates or changes to the Early Game will be announced on Telegram and right here on CuteCrushies.com. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask on Telegram.