Cute Crushies Update: Houses and What’s in Store

Houses have always been a key part of our vision for Cute Crushies. Crushies can drive around but they also need a place to nap, right?

Click here to see the debut Houses drop on Atomic Hub:

Introducing the Burrow House, Tree Stump House and The Tree House. Each one is a delightful, cozy place for your Crushies to return to after adventuring.

But what will Houses do?

Utility in the Early Game:
Limited and/or To Be Announced. Houses are NOT required for participation in Early Game.

  • Dream Bits: Every week House owners have a chance of receiving a Dream Bit / Dream Bits. Dream Bits are the result of Crushies napping. You can blend Dream Bits into Dream Bubbles. Later, a new Creature Type will be introduced that can be blended using Dream Bubbles. Note: These NFT rewards may be adjusted upward or downward in the future.

Utility in the Blockchain Game:
After an adventure, Crushies will need to nap. If they have a House all their own, they will have reduced cooldown and so will be able to go adventuring sooner. Any Crushies that don’t have their own place will stay in the Crushie Forest (which has a standard cooldown time).

  • Nap time reduction: After an adventure, Crushies will need to nap. If they sleep in a House, they will have a reduced cooldown, and so will be able to go adventuring sooner. Of course, any Crushies that don’t have room in a House will stay in the Crushie Forest and nap the standard amount of time.
  • Rentable: If there is spare room in your House, it can be rented out. The Crushies that stay as guests will be ready for adventures quicker, but the renter will need to pay the House owner. The House owner will be rewarded for renting out the capacity of their House.
  • Future Possibilities: We are considering a few more benefits to Houses but none are set in stone.

Stay tuned for more updates! Also, please remember: Everything introduced in this post may change at any time without notice and may not be representative of the 100% final product.

As we get closer to various checkpoints in development, we will be able to disclose more accurate information. Thank you very much for your support and understanding!

PS: A big thank you to everyone participating in Early Game on Telegram!