Early Game: About Vehicle Terrain Specialization

A little clarity about Vehicle Terrain specialization as it relates strictly to Early Game.

  1. Starship can be used for adventures on land terrain but is a space specialized vehicle. However, it is not specialized for water terrain so cannot be used for adventures there.
  2. Hovercraft can go on water and land terrain. It is specialized for water terrain.
  3. Truck can only adventure on land terrain.

What if you have mixed vehicle types in your team?

Let’s say you have a truck and a hovercraft. You set your Blue Team Flag on a water square. Your truck will not be counted, but your hovercraft will be counted.

Only vehicles suited to the terrain will be counted in the adventure.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions regarding Vehicle Terrain Types and the differences between them. To recap, some vehicles will be suited to land terrain as well as their specialty.

If you still have some questions, please ask in Telegram and we’ll do our best to clarify!