Early Game Update: Castles and Castle Keys

Castles are harder adventuring locations you can only enter if you have a Castle Key. You can get a Castle Key by adventuring (Click here to view the Map).

Additionally, there are three specific locations that will have a higher likelihood of rewarding you with a Castle Key.

Castle Keys

  • In order to enter a castle, you will need to find a Castle Key by adventuring.
  • Send the Castle Key to wax id: SummerShiloh with the # of the Castle you would like your Crushies to go adventuring in.
  • The key will be discarded after each use, just like the Blue Team Flag.
  • Your Crushie team will remain adventuring in the Castle you used the Castle Key on. If you use a Blue Team Flag to change location, you will need another Castle Key to return to that Castle again.

Castle Rewards: Rare NFTs

Castles have a higher probability of yielding rare NFTs. However, castles have a reduced chance of winning.