How to Exchange DUST for Wax on Alcor.Exchange

Click this image to see the steps in LARGE VIEW.

Exchanging DUST for Wax and many other cryptocurrencies on Alcor.Exchange is a little confusing at first. Here’s a direct link to the exchange:

Step 1 – Go to Alcor.Exchange

Step 2 – Switch to the Wax Mainnet (Upper Right Corner of website)

Step 3 – Login with Your Wax ID

Step 4 – Click ‘Swap’

Step 5 – Select the pairs you would like to swap – Wax to Dust, or Dust to Wax. In this case, we want to sell Dust to get Wax. So the top cryptocurrency should say Dust and the bottom one should say Wax.

Step 6 – Type in how much Dust you would like to swap for Wax. You can also click the balance shown in the upper corner of this module, and it will automatically populate your entire balance for swapping for Wax.

Step 7 – Once you see how much Wax you will get back, click Swap. Your new balances will be updated shortly.

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Happy swapping!