How to Play

What is “Early Game”?

The Early Game is a way for us to bring some fun and reward to Cute Crushies while the actual game is still being developed.

  • Most NFTs used for Early Game will be used in the future gameplay.
  • Updates may occur without notice to the Roadmap, Early Game and the Blockchain Game itself, but we’ll do our best to keep you informed on Twitter and Telegram.
  • Our Roadmap includes Adventures, Rewards, Classes, Staking, Creatures, Vehicles, Houses, Materials and Food. There are currently no plans to include Lands.

Early Game Requirements

To participate in Adventures, you must own at least 1 Crushie Vehicle and 1 Cute Crushie of any type.

Additionally, 1 Blue Team Flag is required to move your Crushie Team on the Map (as of 8/1/21).

You increase the probability of a successful adventure by having more Crushies to fill the capacity of your vehicles.

  • For example, if you own a Crushie Truck (Capacity: 6) but only have 2 Crushies (2 / 6 capacity filled), your chances are lower than if you owned 6 Crushies (6 / 6 capacity filled).
  • It does not matter what type of Cute Crushies you have as this will have no effect on Adventures in Early Game.
  • Every occupied vehicle will be used for the adventure.

When do Adventures Begin?

The first Adventure will be announced on Telegram.

  • Adventures will take place automatically and there will be no need to claim or press any buttons.
  • The Adventure Results will be published on Telegram when an adventure concludes.

What are the Rewards for Adventures?

The rewards for adventures may include Dust and NFT’s (for example, Materials, Crushie Coins, Paint Brushes and more).

Where can I get a Vehicle and Blue Team Flag?

Click here to shop Cute Crushies Collection on Atomic Hub

Click here to shop for Blue Team Flags on Atomic Hub

Where can I get a Crushie?

Click here to shop Cute Crushies Collection on Atomic Hub