Introducing Crushie Dash: Events, Leaderboard and More

The last few months have been extremely busy here but we’ve managed to accomplish a number of important steps in our vision for the Crushie Universe. The first of which is the new dashboard, Crushie Dash (

The dashboard accomplishes a number of goals.

First, you can check the status of the Cute Crushies blockchain game. If we have an outtage, say, rewards don’t work for some reason, you can check on that on the Dash webpage.

You can also post a bug report so we can get right to fixing it. Finally, it enables us to build an external dApp hub that can utilize Cute Crushies and other fixtures for the Wax community.

About a month ago we built the Atomic Drop Maker and it didn’t wholly fit in with what we were doing, but sort of. It gave the community a much-needed tool for making NFT airdrops using the Atomic Assets smart contract. While it may not seem significant, it’s what makes Wax fun to use and easy to learn for developers and gamers alike: helpful tools, advice and assistance, great on-boarding experiences into blockchain games and playvesting.

After all, it’s not just a lack of ETH gas fees that make the Wax ecosystem great, it’s friendly, helpful people.

In that spirit, Atomic Drop Maker tries to bring back that spirit of help and excitement that got so many of us started in NFTs and blockchain (wow, some of us are really newcomers here!).


So back to what this announcement is really about:

The Crushie Dash is a hub to host various new dApps around the community, as well as a convenient hub for Cute Crushies activities. It currently includes a Leaderboard, Events & Festivals and more (much more in time).

We have some interesting plans for it that are almost there. In the meantime, some features are not enabled until Update 1 . Be sure to check it out here:

–Oh, and one last thing before you go. We’ve released a minor map update to Early Game: You can now see other players on the map and the layout matches what you will likely see in Update 1 for World 1, Zone 1, Locale 1.