The Backstory

It was in this little, sunlit bedroom….

She sat in the little blue chair, staring into space, while the kids charged around her, yelling at the tops of their voices.

They were little, bright children with dreams of castles, princes and princesses, dragons and goblins, elves and wizards. Sometimes she felt too old to play or to pretend as the children, but things were different on this particular day.

While Sarah was only a child herself, she daydreamed a while longer, letting the children’s voices and laughter linger in her mind.

Then through the mist of her dreaming, she saw little green meadows and hills bouncing into view, and a bright cheerful singing, like the softest flapping wings of butterflies or the reflective poems of dolphins in the deep of the sea. She peered deeply into the mist until little bright, cheerful faces were standing before her, like a big family. They were jumping, skipping, napping and tumbling happily inside those lands. All of them seemed to be saying something, maybe, she thought, they need something to do?

What was it that Sarah saw? A world of laughter and play! And many, many happy, playful creatures looking to her as if she were their teacher.

Well, the backstory is almost explained…

Thus, these imaginative, happy creatures came about. Today, for the sake of telling this story simply, we’ll call them the Cute Crushies. If you should ever grow too old to believe it, look around you for a butterfly and ask about the worlds in Sarah’s daydream.