We’re on Session, too!

Yay! We are now on Session, an alternative communications channel you can use to stay in touch with us. Don’t worry we’ll continue on our usual channels @Discord and @Telegram. This will be yet another great way to get to know the latest about Cute Crushies and chat with other players like you.

Session is like Telegram except it gives you private keys and has some more security to prevent censorship.

The Session app is new territory for us but it looks like the wave of the future. We’re trying to stay ahead of the curve with regard to crypto communications and want this channel open to everyone should they have any issues reaching us and having fun with the whole Crushies community on Telegram and Discord.

To use Session, you’ll need to download the app here: https://getsession.org/download

To join us on Session you’ll paste in the Session ID and talk with us directly or with the group.

Our Session ID is: 050fccc4d66dc112d52fb1f1040cb52689f96fe1be39edaa9b79188f823e2c3012